With all the excitement of new Easter-themed donuts and NHL promotions, you may think that Roll Up The Rim is a thing of the past. That's not the case, though, for an Ontario Man who just won a jeep in Tim Hortons' Roll Up The Rim contest. The latest big prize was recently claimed in Smith Falls, Ontario. 

Ethan MacFarlane is from a small town called Jasper, ON but he's a big winner now. He told the Smith Falls Record News that he was ready to give up on Roll Up The Rim after buying three coffees a day and only ever winning some free coffees. However, it turns out that one of those free coffees helped him win big. According to MacFarlane, the cup that won him the Jeep was actually a free one he got from redeeming another winning cup. 

He didn't think much of the cup and didn't even roll it up right away.“We rolled it up the day after, and I was kind of freaking out,” MacFarlane told the Record News of the moment he realized that he had won. He and his partner then decided to head into a Smith Falls location to claim their prize. 

Now they are under-going the finalization process and waiting for the new Jeep Compass to come in, according to the Record News, they ordered one in white. 

This is at least the third big win from Tim Hortons Roll Up The Rim that has been reported on. The first person reported to win was Edina R. from Oshawa, Ontario. Edina and her family claimed the big win way back at the beginning of March when Roll Up was at its peak. 

Then, not long after that, a woman out in Saskatoon also claimed one of the big grand prizes on Roll Up The Rim. On March 8, Global News reported that Kia Powery won her new Jeep Compass off a white hot chocolate she ordered out of the blue one day. 

In describing her big win to Global, Powery said "it said ‘win Jeep’ and I just lost my mind. I was screaming." 

According to Twitter, however, there have been five more confirmed Jeep winners throughout Canada, bring the grand total to at least eight. 

The contest may already be over in some locations where they've run out of Roll Up The Rim cups, but the official end that is April 17. After that anyone who has a winning cup, whether it's a free coffee or a Jeep Compass has until May 3 to claim their prize. 

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