While the type of flooding Ontario's in for isn't exactly of biblical proportion, it's still a huge change up from the type of weather we're used to in July. 

Eastern Ontario will be in for the worst rainfall, expecting up to 100ml of serious precipitation. 

Rainfall warnings began last night and are still in effect today as storm clouds passed through Ottawa, with the precipitation most likely lasting a long time. 

The Weather Network reports that storms could bring absurd amounts of rain in a short period of time. Meteorologists are quoted in saying,"Local amounts in the area may approach 100 mm through pre-dawn Tuesday. Our forecast has been updated to reflect widespread amounts greater than 50 mm for Ottawa, Perth, Brockville and Cornwall regions."

The GTA however is not necessarily at risk of flooding, but can still be expecting to get some more serious thunderstorms today through Wednesday. 

Source: The Weather Network 

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