Everyone's been on either the giving or receiving end of an accidental phone call at some point in their lives. But what happens when the number you butt-dial is that of the Ontario Police? There are consequences, and apparently, cops are sick of it.

The Wellington County OPP has received nearly 2,000 accidental 911 calls this year. It’s gotten so bad that the OPP is now urging people to more careful.

According to CBC, 1,965 of the accidental calls required an officer to be dispatched, a very obvious waste of the police's time and resources.

The OPP detachment has already had a whopping total of 7,417 high priority calls in 2019, and about 26 percent of those were made accidentally. The OPP explains that accidental calls where a dispatcher can't determine the issue require a cruiser and two officers to investigate it.

CTV reported that these numbers are reflective of statistics which polled data from Jan 1. to Sept. 4., 2019.

According to Guelph Today, police say that accidentals calls typically come as result of pocket dials or from people playing with their phones. The OPP is urging people to be more careful with the emergency features on their phones.

Adults who let their children play with their phone are being reminded to turn off automatic features to avoid any accidental calls to 911. The OPP is also telling people who accidentally call 911 to stay on the line and let the operator know it was an accident.

Toronto Police were forced to issue a similar statement back in May after receiving a flood non-emergency calls to 911 dispatchers. 

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