As 2020 continues to move forward, Canadians just have to deal with the fact that we are now living in the future. As such, the Ontario Provincial Police have revealed how they'd most like to modernize: with Tesla vehicles as cruisers. However, they're having a hard time deciding which one to use.

In a tweet sent out on February 19, during the Canadian International Auto Show, the OPP wrote "Hey @elonmusk
can you suggest which model would make make a better police car? #Cybertruck or #TeslaX?"

The tweet included two images: one showed a mocked up image of how an OPP Cybertruck might look (complete with new Ontario license plate). The other one displayed a TeslaX complete with the familiar emblems and black and white paint job.

While Elon Musk himself did not offer his own response to the question, the police account later tweeted saying that the Cybertruck was the most popular choice, based on how people replied.

"So it seems that the #CyberTruck is coming out on top @elonmusk," the follow-up tweet reads, "would you work with the OPP to design emergency lighting, storage compartments and a partition for officer safety? Could our computers be incorporated into your display screens? Would love to collaborate."

On February 22, they tweeted again, this time showing an actual Tesla employee at the auto show holding up both images while manning the company's booth.

"Hey @elonmusk your staff are already promoting #LawEnforcementTesla vehicles. Let’s get some prototypes ready for market. I will volunteer to evaluate DM me #SgtKerrySchmidt," the tweet reads.

Not everyone was on board with the cybertruck being the police force's vehicle of choice, however.

"Oh please no! Maybe the Tesla semi would be a better option," wrote @chaserimkus.

"Am I the only one that thinks the cyber truck look ridiculous?" replied @Canuc86.

One thing is for sure: "OPP Cybertrucks" is definitely a phrase that sums up how we most definitely are living in the future.

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