It's the first week of March and we've already seen a mix of winter weather and it's been pretty messy. As southern areas of the province face large amounts of wet snow, drivers are dealing with a lot of potential dangers on the road. From low visibility due to fog and slippery surfaces, Ontario road conditions caused pretty harsh commutes on March 6, particularly in the morning rush.

As confirmed by The Weather Network, wet snow took over parts of the western GTA in the early hours of Friday. It was set to continue throughout until at last mid-afternoon.

Although Toronto may not have received the full range of the up-to-10 cm of snow that had been anticipated, commuters still found it pretty trick work on the roads.

Areas in particular like Burlington, Brantford, Guelph, Hamilton, and Niagara regions, the snowfall was much heavier in parts than in the city of Toronto.

TWN's Friday update suggests there's a chance the western part of the GTA could see 5-15 cm of snow. For the rest of the region, up to 3 cm centimetres of the mushy kind is more than likely expected.

Despite the more modest snowfall, multiple tweets by the Ontario Provincial Police throughout Friday reported temporary road closures, accidents, and dreadful visibility.

Some videos shared onto Twitter show the slushy mix of weather affecting the roads on Friday.

Foggy conditions also played a role in drivers having difficulty on the roads.

According to CTV News, in the Kitchener-Waterloo region, residents saw up to 13 centimetres of snow with low visibility.

At one point in the morning, sight on the roads was reported to be just around 200 metres.

But while Friday has not been easy for many, there's no need to panic.

That's because this weekend in the GTA, the weather is set to spring forward along with the clocks. Temperatures are expected to feel spring-like for the most part.

But we all know how unpredictable Canadian weather tends to be. So maybe don't put away your boots just yet, because you never quite know if you'll need them again.

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