The snow hasn't been falling for long in Ontario, but the OPP is already reporting a number of highway collisions. Ontario's snowstorm is predicted to continue for a few more hours. That means there could be even more accidents throughout the day.

"Multiple minor collisions now being reported on the #QEW from #Niagara to #Burlington, please drive accordingly in this treacherous weather." OPP Sergeant Kerry Schmidt wrote in a tweet at 10:45 AM. 

At the time of publishing, the OPP GTA Traffic Twitter account has already reported five different problems on the 400, 401, and 115 highways, within the last two hours.

There have been over 20 accidents over the last 24 hours.

One tweet posted at 2:02 PM features a video feed showing a jackknifed pick up truck and trailer blocking several lanes of traffic.

"COLLISION: #Hwy401 WB at at Leslie. Pick-up truck and trailer jackknifed. One vehicle rollover. Right lane open. #OPP enroute," the text reads.

Over an hour after the tweet was posted, it had yet to be cleared from the 401.

The most recent incident took place on the eastbound Collectors off-ramp to McCowan. Two vehicles are reportedly blocking the ramp.

As the winter weather in Ontario picks up, driving on the highway could potentially carry more risks.

Recently, there were accidents in Ottawa caused by chunks of ice coming off of people's car rooves.

Not clearing your car of snow and ice is actually a violation of the Highway Traffic Act and can get you some serious fines.

With even more snow and rain expected to hit southern Ontario tonight, driving safely is more crucial than ever, especially if you're going to be using the 401 or any other major highways.

As important as it is to bundle up and stay warm during the season, it's just as important to stay safe out there.

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