Ontarians might be out of luck in the weather department once again this weekend. New weather reports are predicting possible snowfall in the province at the end of this week. According to the Weather Network, an Ontario snow threat is approaching and may extend into the Toronto area, closing out April with a slushy snowy mess.

According to new forecasts, temperatures in the province's Golden Horseshoe are supposed to hold steady until Friday evening when they are expected to dip due to a chilling northwest wind. Saturday is expected to get the worse of it and currently stands the greatest change of showers turning into wet snow.

The Golden Horseshoe represents a region in Ontario where 21 percent of Canada's population lives. The region begins around Niagara Falls and extends pass Hamilton and Toronto until ending in Oshawa, according to World Atlas.

"A cold rain is likely Saturday night and Sunday morning and the rain could mix with or change to wet snow across northern parts of the Golden Horseshoe," explained meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham of the Weather Network. "Significant accumulations of wet snow are possible across cottage country."

Thankfully, Toronto, although part of the Golden Horshoe, stands a pretty good chance of avoiding the real snow as it is more likely to hit the northern parts of the province. However, weather is often unpredictable and anything is possible. Finger crossed that mother nature will spare us the misery of enduring yet another bitterly cold weekend.

As you can see,  the current forecast isn't terribly bleak for Toronto this weekend. But nevertheless, the looming fear of snow hangs above residents of the Golden Horseshoe:

Despite the dread of a possible weekend snowfall, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. According to the Weather Network, May is supposed to bring more seasonal, and even above seasonal weather.

"May is expected to bring near normal or above normal temperatures to most," continued Gillham, before adding a word of caution about the always unpredictable being of weather. "Spring is notorious for wild swings in temperature and no doubt the warmer pattern will still include some significant interruptions."

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