Brace yourselves, another blast of icy winter weather is making its way to the area and it's not going to be pretty. The Ontario storm that kicked off the month will be back for one last stand in the southern areas of the province on Wednesday, December 4. With the potential for low visibility and a predicted one hour's worth of sunlight on Wednesday in Toronto, things could get pretty bleak again.

The GTA welcomed December with an ice storm, but things should not be quite so bad for the rest of the week.

According to the Weather Network, southern Ontario is expected to get near-seasonal temperatures and some wet snow in the region in the next couple of days or so.

However, that could create a slushy commute for Torontonians again in the middle of the week.

There's also likely to be poor visibility due to the flurries. In fact, TWN's seven-day forecast predicts Toronto will get just a single solitary hour of sunlight all day long on Wednesday.

Things will be even worse outside the 6ix.

Environment Canada has warned of hazardous snow coming to certain areas of Southern Ontario.

Cities such as Barrie and Kitchener could potentially be in line for up to 15 centimetres of snow in a short period of time due to the volume of the flurries.

Flurries and driving are not a good mix, as we have seen.

On December 1, the province was under complete chaos with about 500 car crashes reported due to low visibility, icy roads, and snow.

A repeat of that is not likely something anyone in the province wants to see, but it looks like it might be in store.

"Monday night will be clear and cold, so untreated surfaces may become icy again," says TWN meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham.

Beyond Wednesday and Thursday, though, December is expected to see some milder weather in the area.

"A brief warm-up is expected at the start of the second week of December," says Gillham, "followed by colder weather for the middle and end of the week."

Hopefully, this is the last taste of snow we'll have for the week.

Canadian weather truly is unpredictable, though, so we can never be quite sure.

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