Usually, the word tropical doesn’t come up too much while talking about Ontario's fall weather. However, according to the Weather Network, a potential tropical cyclone in the Gulf of Mexico could cause heavy rains and strong winds to hit Ontario by Sunday. So, get out your galoshes and umbrellas this weekend because you're going to need them for this Ontario storm.

The tropical infusion is set to bring at least 25 mm of rain across parts of southern Ontario into Quebec, with upwards of 50 mm of rain expected to hit the Lower Great Lakes.

The downpour is likely to fall in between Saturday night and early Sunday. It's being warned that the storm could cause localized flooding in spots where fallen leaves are blocking sewers. The storm is also expected to bring gusting winds across the area. 

Thankfully, this weekend won’t be a total bummer for the weather. According to this week’s weather forecast, temperatures will rise into the milder territory on Saturday and Sunday, so at least it won’t be freezing rain.

However, the real peak in warm weather will fall on Monday and Tuesday when temperatures are expected to rise to 14 degrees Celsius.

"A classic fall storm will track along the boundary between the warm and cold air. However, there is still a lot of uncertainty as to where that boundary will be," explained Weather Network meteorologist Doug Gillham.


Yet, it's not just this weekend that will be affected by these storms. While it's still unclear exactly what the weather will be like for the upcoming holiday, the Weather Network predicts that colder weather and lake-effect snow could hit some parts of Ontario for Halloween. 

So, if you’re preparing to dress up as Spiderman this year, you might want to be Spiderman in a jacket instead since you’re probably going to be a little too cold to go straight costume this year.

This isn’t the first time that Ontario’s weather has been rocked by a tropical storm. Back in August, two super typhoons brought showers, thunderstorms, and September-like temperatures to the province during the summer.

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