Ford's Government might be backpedalling on some of its education policies, but teachers aren't satisfied. Fifteen thousand teachers are expected to stage a massive Ontario teacher strike in Queen's Park on Thursday, March 5, 2020, in the wake of the Government's announced changes to its controversial policies. So, if you're planning to travel through the area, you might want to find an alternate route. 

The teacher's demonstration will be shutting down roads on Queen's Park Cres. from Bloor St. W. to College St.

According to the TTC, two of its buses will be taking detours as a result of the protest. 5 Avenue Road will be travelling southbound on Bloor St. W. and northbound via Bedford Rd.due to the demonstration.

The 94 Wellesley bus will also be making a detour at Wellesley St. W., Bay St. W., St George St., and Harbord St. due to the event.

The demonstration is scheduled to occur between 10:00 a.m. and 1 p.m. and crowds are appearing across the park. 

The Ontario government released a statement on Wednesday, March 3, 2020, claiming it had made several "reasonable moves" to appease the teachers union. It also argued that teachers' unions have continued to listen to the government's student-centric proposals.

"The time to end this is now. Parents are frustrated, students are losing educational days, and teachers are uncertain about their future," said Education Minister Stephen Lecce.

"I am asking the teachers' unions to return to the table, in light of this reasonable offer, to reach the agreement parents want, and students deserve."

However, the teachers feel that the government is using this new change as a "smokescreen" which is not solving all of the problems that they are fighting for. 

“It is a smokescreen for the public to think that we are just greedy teachers and it is just about the money when it is absolutely not,” June Kanitz said. “We got into the profession for altruistic reasons. We feel that we are good at our jobs and we want to educate the future of our society,” a teacher told CP24. 

Queen's Park was previously stormed by 30,000 educators and protestors marching against cuts to education on February 27, 2020.

The protest appeared to get the government's attention. However, teachers do not seem phased by Ford's new changes to education policy.

"If the unions reject this most recent, student-centric offer, parents should rightly be asking what exactly the priorities of the unions are," Lecce concluded.

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