Doug Ford thinks that Ontario students' low math scores might be because teachers themselves are inadequate at math. The Globe and Mail obtained details of the new EQAO tests for Ontario teachers and they mainly focus on the teachers' ability to do math, with a lighter focus on their teaching skills. Ontario is the first province to try something like this.

The Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) will be developing the new test for student teachers who are applying for teaching positions in Ontario's elementary and high schools.

The test will have two sections. Around 70 percent of the testing will cover basic math such as fractions and percentages, the Globe and Mail reports. The other 30 percent will be an evaluation of their teaching methods that they use in the classroom. Teachers will need a mark of 70% or higher in each section in order to pass. 


The new teacher tests have been in the works since at least a few months ago, and Ford has been speaking out about Ontario's low math scores for over a year now.

Ontario Grade 6 students have the lowest math scores in the country right now. EQAO will be releasing the latest student test results in reading, writing and math on Wednesday.

“The teachers’ union, they have to get together with the times here. Our Grade 6 students are the lowest math scores in the entire country. Our system is broken — we need to fix it,” Ford told Global News reporters in April.

When asked if he thought this might result in a strike, he said: "They went on strike under Mike Harris, they went on strike under Dalton McGuinty, Kathleen Wynne...they strike every single government that's in there." 

The Ford government will be increasing the budget by $700 million, saying no teachers are going to lose their jobs.

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