It’s been a rough spring for Ontarians. Mother Nature hasn’t quite decided whether she's ready to part with winter weather yet, which has led to below-seasonal temperatures and cooler than normal Ontario weather patterns in the southern part of the province this May. According to recent weather reports, temperatures are actually expected to be colder in parts of Ontario this week than they were in February of this year.

Weather predictions for early this week are gloomy. According to the Weather Network, Ontario is going to be hit with everything from snow to temperatures so low that they are nowhere near the double-digits that we are used to seeing in the spring.

Monday is slated to be the worst of the bad weather Ontario will see this week. How bas could it be, you ask? Well, there were actually nine days this winter that saw warmer temperatures than what is in today's forecast for southern Ontario.

With an expected shower of the cold, wet and white stuff heading our way and daytime highs expected to dip back down into the single digits again, winter is making one last stand in the south.

“This is a wild stat for Toronto and southern Ontario as we saw nine days warmer this past winter than our forecast high of 7°C on Monday," Meteorologist Tyler Hamilton explained according to the Weather Network. "On February 4th, the city actually reached 13°C,” he continued.

How rare is it for Ontario to be this cold in May?

Well, if we don’t break at least 7.6°C today, it will be the coldest Toronto has been this late into the spring season since 1959. Which means the last time it was this cold, we couldn’t even go on Twitter to complain about it.

Thankfully, there is a bright side. Temperatures will gradually grow warmer as the week progresses. In fact, Ontario will see highs of 15°C on Saturday and next Monday will see a high of 22°C, so it’s not all bad news.

Toronto may be sitting at -1°C wind chills on this Monday morning, but a warmup is on the way. Take a look at the current 7-day forecast for Toronto:



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