Toronto just wrapped up one of the hottest summers it had ever seen. Record-breaking heat sweltered Ontarians from the end of June leading all the way into the beginning of September.

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Well, it finally looks like we're going to get the fall weather a lot of us have been waiting for. With remnants of Tropical Storm Gordon sneaking its way up to Canada, temperatures are set to drop dramatically this weekend.

Just this past Tuesday, Toronto experienced the hottest September 5th in over 70 years with temperatures topping 34°C. However, according to The Weather Network, a cold front coming in will have digits this weekend barely cracking the 20s.

This all comes as a result of the ramping up hurricane season which is currently affecting the U.S., including a Category 3 Hurricane named Florence. Streets of Louisiana, Arkansas, and Mississippi have been flooded with relentless downpours. As the system moves north, heavy rains are on their way for the Midwest.

While the storm won't be impacting Ontario too much, we are expected to see some gusty winds and widespread rainfall this weekend. If you’re ready to dig out your moccasins and wooly sweaters, this might just be the time to do it.

But, I wouldn’t pack away those flip-flops just yet. Although this weekend will be closer to seasonal temperatures, the late-summer weather will return in the middle of next week, according to The Weather Network.

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Classic Canadian weather if you ask me. One minute we’re in a parka, and the next we need our swimsuits!

Source: The Weather Network

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