Ontarians are in for a chilly start to the work week this week. Frost advisories have been issued as part of today's Ontario weather forecast - that’s right, frost advisories. According to The Weather Network, a high-pressure system building across northeastern Ontario is going to clear up our skies and bring a frosty wind into the early hours of Monday morning.

The Weather Network reports that a lack of cloud cover overnight essentially caused the heat from the lower atmosphere to escape, causing a notable cool down. Meaning that it's time to bust out the fall jacket a bit early this year.

Cold air is expected to move in from the north causing the temperature to fall to nearly 0 C in some parts of the province on Monday. The widespread frost advisories in Ontario are the most extensive that the province has seen this season in its central and eastern regions. The frost could also cause damage to crops in frost-prone areas, reports The Weather Network.

Thankfully, those summer vibes will be back by Wednesday this with most of Ontario seeing temperature shoot back into the upper 20’s, feeling more like 30’s.

Temperatures climb to 24 C on Tuesday, feeling like nearly 30 with the Humidex. Wednesday will be even hotter, feeling like 36 C. That's before temperatures plunge back down to 19 C on Thursday, Sept. 12. Take a look:

The wonky weather is undoubtedly going to keep Ontarians on their toes. Always make sure to check the weather forecast before leaving the house, because you never know what you’re going to get.

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