Ontario is about to get hit with another freezing blast of bad weather, so brace yourselves for a tough commute on Thursday morning. The northern parts of the province are under an extreme cold weather alert, while the southern part will be hit with a burst of snow of up to 10 centimetres. Ontario weather these next few days is expected to be some of the coldest of the season, according to The Weather Network, so you might want to bundle up.

The coldest air of the season in southern Ontario will be expected on Friday to Saturday, TWN reports.

Parts of northern Ontario will be seeing temperatures of -45 C to -55 C, according to Environment Canada. So grab your jackets and your warmest pair of mitts, because those temperatures are not joking around. 

Southern Ontario is also bracing for a snowfall that will shut down commutes late Wednesday and into Thursday, according to The Weather Network.

It will be a snowy system moving north through the Great Lakes region from Wednesday night through to Thursday.

It is expected that the bulk of the snow will fall in the pre-dawn hours of Thursday morning. 

TWN warns that flurries will linger throughout the day, so expect low visibility, slippery roads, and plan to drive with extreme caution. 

Niagara Falls, London, Kingston and Cornwall will get 5 to 10 centimetres of snow, while Toronto is set to expect 5 centimetres or less. 

Niagara Falls could be in for a little bit more than 10 centimetres, according to TWN. 

Friday and Saturday are when the real fun will begin, with some of the coldest temperatures this region has seen all season. 

Those temperatures are looking frigid. Toronto will be feeling like -12 C while Cornwall will feel like -24 C, so be sure to bundle up, or just stay home if you can. 

However, there is good news after all — the second half of the month is expected to be relatively mild, so we just have to get through this one burst of arctic air.

"Mild Pacific air will spread across Canada for next week. This will bring an extended period that will be dominated by above seasonal temperatures that could last until the end of the month," says meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham. 

It looks like we may be in the clear after one more blast of cold, so get ready Ontario, spring may be on its way!

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