GTA residents experienced the full force of an early Ontario winter on Monday night. As if it wasn’t bad enough that the province broke heavy snowfall records last night, the weather also deteriorated traveling conditions to the point of total chaos and canceled several flights out of Toronto’s Pearson International Airport. However, despite all of that wintery nonsense, temperatures remained pretty bearable, but not for long.

According to The Weather Network, frigid January-like temperatures are set to wreak havoc on the province on Tuesday evening.

"Temperatures will also reach the minus teens Tuesday night, shattering the low-temperature records with a wind chill near -20," explained meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham.

So, how long is this bone-chilling cold suppose to last? Well, thankfully, temperatures are expected to recover by Thursday.

However, it's still going to be a whole lot colder than seasonal and another brief blast of those artic vibes is expected to hit the province on Friday night.

"Friday night will be quite cold, and temperatures will remain below freezing through the day on Saturday despite abundant sunshine," Gillham added.

Unfortunately, the sudden drop in temperature isn’t the only thing Ontarians have to dread. Another round of intense snowstorms is expected to hit the province’s Snowbelt regions on Wednesday.

"The snow squalls off Lake Huron will impact the Sarnia, Strathroy, and London areas through Tuesday, with another band developing off Georgian Bay and impacting Highway 400 later in the day," explained meteorologist Kevin MacKay.

A special weather advisory was issued by Environment Canada on Monday night, warning residents of potential record-breaking snowfall.

Toronto Pearson Airport reported receiving a whopping 14 cm of snow on Monday, November 11, shattering the previously held record of 3 cm in 1983.

It is clear that winter has come back with a vengeance this year after getting off to a slow start last season.

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