The lesson "don't try this at home" was learned the hard way by an Ontario woman on Tuesday evening.

According to Guelph Police Service, the woman attempted to make a homemade smoke bomb using a YouTube tutorial when the project took a dangerous turn.

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When she shook the bottle the toxic ingredients sprayed out onto her hands and face.

Guelph Police Service

"The 39-year-old Guelph female [...] mixed ingredients in a plastic bottle at her nearby home, after watching a YouTube video because she wanted to see what would happen," reported police.

The shaking caused a reaction in the concoction and toxic ingredients, including drain cleaner, sprayed onto the woman's face and hands.

According to police, the woman left her house and began walking to City Hall for help when she came across a passerby who called her an ambulance.

The woman was taken to Guelph General Hospital as a precaution. 

Earlier this year, TikTok removed videos from its platform of people attempting a dangerous stunt called the "Skull Breaker challenge."

In this challenge, the individual's legs are swept from under them while they jump into the air.

Moral of the story, folks — don't try everything you see on the internet.

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