Regardless of how you feel about Doug Ford, you have to admit that Ontario's Premier sure knows how to stir up controversy. Ford's latest dive into controversy follows the release of Ontario's anti-carbon tax ads, which are reportedly taxpayer funded. The Ford government has yet to disclose the cost of the ads, reports The Globe and Mail.

The radio ad in questions opens with a female narrator offering a grim outlook at life in Ontario following the carbon tax. The narrator goes on to claim that Ontarians will be paying more for everything from groceries to gasoline, all while the sound of clinking coins feeds into the background.

The ad continues on to say that the tax on carbon will cost the average family an extra $648 a year by 2022. The radio spot, however, doesn't mention rebates. The advertisement ends with a promise that the Ontario government has found a strong alternative to the carbon tax which will both protect the environment and the taxpayers.

The Ontario government is currently locked into a heated legal battle with the Liberal-run federal government. According to a report by CBC, a lawyer working for Ford's government argued on Monday that the new carbon tax is unconstitutional and broad, saying that it would give the federal government a destabilizing amount of power.

"They could regulate where you live, how often you drive your car," the lawyer, Josh Hunter, explained in court according to CBC. "It would unbalance the federation."

Many Ontarians took to Twitter on Wednesday to denounce Ford's new attack ads, labelling them as propaganda:

Ford's team has so far refused to release the cost of the ads. According to the Globe, Treasury Board President Peter Bethlenfalvy remained tight-lipped about the advertisement's budget. However, the PC party did budget 30-million over the course of its four year-mandate to oppose the carbon tax during last year's provincial election. Mr. Bethlenfalvy reportedly said, “We’ve got a budget for letting the people of Ontario know exactly what is going on."


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