Ontario could soon reach its peak in novel coronavirus cases. The province's Associate Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Barbara Yaffe, said on Monday that according to current models, Ontario's COVID-19 cases are about to reach their summit. Dr. Yaffe says that although we're seeing early signs of case numbers going down, we should still be very cautious.

As the Government of Ontario extends its Emergency Act for another month, new infections in the province continue to emerge, but at a slightly slower rate.

Dr. Barbara Yaffe shared that even though it is predicted that Ontario will be reaching its peak this week, this can only remain true if the current measures stay in place.

"I am very hopeful as well but also, you know, with an abundance of caution and not assuming anything because we have to keep working at the physical distancing and all the measures that we have in place," said Dr. Yaffe during the media briefing.

"Our numbers, generally speaking, the number of new cases each day has been going down slightly. Not exactly but the general trend. The modellers have told us that the peak is likely going to happen this week," she added.

"That's assuming all the measures in place continue, all the public health measures continue. If they are in fact correct, and things continue, after a peak, usually things go down," said Dr. Yaffe.

On Monday, premier Ford shared that despite the fact that the province's numbers are seemingly decreasing, business as usual cannot resume until he gets the O.K. from the Chief Medical Officer.

"We just can't flick it on, open the gates and just start," he said. "We just can't, we're not ready yet. Until we see some modelling, that the curve goes down, then we do trickles as opposed to just opening things up."

"My biggest, biggest fear is all of a sudden we get another wave and it hits us," he continued.

"I just want to make sure we do it properly, cautiously, and not just jump into this and open up the flood gates."

As of April 13, 3,357 Ontarians have recovered from the disease, which makes up nearly half of the 7,470 total cases in the province.

For now, widespread shutdowns and strict social distancing measures remain in place so that the province can continue to flatten the curve.

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