Thursday's numbers looked promisingly low for Ontario's COVID-19 update, but the info was inaccurate due to a data glitch. On Friday, it was discovered that 87 cases were not included in Thursday's numbers. Ontario's COVID-19 cases are declining, but not by as much as we thought. 

According to the updated calculations, Thursday's new cases were actually at 345 and not the 258 that was originally reported.

Health Minister Christine Elliott tweeted the correction, citing a one-time data upload issue.

"Because of a one-time data upload issue, yesterday missed 87 cases. While they’re captured in today’s update, the real day-over-day numbers are 345 new cases on May 14 and 341 today," she tweeted. 

Due to the glitch, Ontario reported the lowest number of new cases since March on Thursday.

Originally, the 258 reported cases were the lowest that the province has seen since March 29, when the government reported 211 cases.

However, with the updated numbers, this is no longer the case.

Despite the mixup, Elliott reminds us that we are still on a downward trend. 

"Ontario’s new daily cases continue to trend downward as we expand our #COVID19 testing guidelines to ensure we keep a close eye on any shifts in community spread and identify and contain new cases," she tweeted Friday.

For Friday, the Ontario government is now reporting 341 new cases, a slight decline in the new Thursday numbers. 

According to the government of Ontario's website, this brings the total number of cases province-wide to 21,922. 

Out of these cases, 16,641 have been resolved and 1,825 deaths have been reported. 

This news comes after Ford announced that the province would be starting with stage one of their re-opening plan

Ontario campgrounds, marinas and golf courses are all set to open their doors to the public again starting this weekend. 

Multiple retail stores with street entrances will also be re-opening next week, however, strict safety measures will be put in place. 

Despite this new move, the province will remain in a state of emergency until at least June 2

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