Despite making news across the country, Ontario's massive hockey parent brawl never actually happened, at least not the way it's been reported. According to witnesses and officials from the hockey association, there was never any physical fight outside a minor hockey game in Simcoe. This is contrary to headlines across the country which reported a wild, 30 person brawl. 

The news came out recently that following a pee-wee hockey game, Norfolk County OPP was called to the arena with reports of a brawl happening. It was reported that the altercation started with a few of the hockey parents engaging in a verbal confrontation. Police say that the fight eventually became physical involving up to 30 adults. 

However, it was also reported that by the time police arrived on the scene, the fight had broken up completely and that no injuries were reported. While the investigation is ongoing and police are hoping to speak to some of the people involved, now some officials from the league are saying that the fight never happened. 

Officials from both the teams, which were from Simcoe and Paris, involved in the game acknowledged that some words were said following the game, but they dispute any reports of a brawl breaking out. 

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Marty Jefferson is the president of the Simcoe Minor Hockey Association. He said, "there were some parents reacting to some on-ice incidents between the players and obviously parents get heated in the moment of the game." He added that "there was yelling in the (arena) lobby but there certainly was no physical altercations."

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The coach of the Paris team, Sean Koekoek agreed saying, "there were some words thrown back and forth, which I’m not saying are appropriate either, but there was no swearing or anything like that." 

A referee from the game also spoke about the incident but told a slightly different story. He didn't confirm whether or not a fight broke out, but did acknowledge that there was a lot of tension between to two teams, even when they first stepped on the ice. 

Part of that tension could be from the fact that both teams are in the middle of a playoff series against each other. Currently, in this series, the Simcoe and Paris teams are tied and a 5th game, which is scheduled for this Saturday, February 9, will determine who advances in the playoffs. 

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Despite their claims that nothing happened after the recent game, both teams' officials are taking precautions for the upcoming game. They have asked an Ontario Minor Hockey Association official to be there and have alerted arena staff to be prepared to remove any rowdy parents or fans. 

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