The provincial government has announced details about Ontario's new driver's license cards, which will be redesigned and unveiled this fall. Jeff Yurek, Ontario's Transportation Minister, says that 12 years have passed since the last time license cards were updated.  According to Yurek, the industry standard for license card updating is every 5 to 7 years, in order to prevent fraud and identity theft.

The card's design will be modified from its current pallet of blue and green to featuring mostly blue and white embellishments, including Ontario's redesigned Trillium logo.

CP24 reported that the province's redesigned license plates, that were just announced last week, will be available starting in February of next year, once the current inventory of Ontario license plates is depleted.

According to the provincial government, the issue that resulted in the plates' peeling and flaking has been resolved, and the improvements will be implemented in the redesign.  Now, Ontario is issuing a lifetime guarantee for the license plates. 

Minister Yurek also informed the public that license plates will continue to remain on both the front and back of Ontario's vehicles.

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