Ontarians are putting their two cents in about the PC government's newly-unveiled changes to the province's branding. Doug Ford finally revealed Ontario's new logo and slogan during a much-publicized budget announcement on Thursday. Ford's government also unveiled the new design for the province's license plates, which will feature the new tagline "A Place To Grow".

The reveal caused a stir online with many Ontarians having mix feelings about the logo and design. Some residents of the province criticized the Ford for spending money on a logo that looks way too similar to an older model of the logo.

Others praised Ford for finally getting rid of the "three men in a hot tub" logo, which the Premier spoke up about last week.

Although the general consensus seems to be that Ford was taking the logo back to a more classic design, most Ontarians were not hating it - even some of his haters like the new look.

The document doesn't reveal the official slogan for Ontario's commercial vehicles, but previous reports have claimed that it might be "Open for Business". As for the government's thoughts on the Trillium logo, they couldn't be happier.

"The logo is accompanied by a clear and succinct articulation of a simple unifying principle: that the Ontario government is 'Working for You,'" the government stated, according to HuffPost Canada


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