With recreational marijuana legalized in Canada, the provinces are beginning the process of preparing to sell marijuana. In Ontario, this means hiring lots of new employees. 

The Ontario Cannabis Retail Corporation (OCRC) is now hiring for product specialists and store managers, but not just anyone can do the job. 

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There are a few qualifications to be a product specialist. You must be at least 19 years old and have your high school diploma, meaning high school students aren't eligible for the position. In some locations, they may also require people to be bilingual.

On top of those mandatory qualifications, there are a number of skills that the OCRC wants their product specialists to have. First, they must understand the social responsibility of selling recreational marijuana. Second, they have to be passionate about customer service and retail experience is preferred. Finally, they should also have good learning skills, excellent communication skills, and also be good at math. 

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The job posting does not mention a specific salary but claims to offer a competitive compensation package and even includes benefits and a pension. 

While applying, Candidates can choose either part of full-time work and can also select three locations to work in. The online application process covers cities all across Ontario including Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton, and even Thunder Bay among others. 

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Employees will allegedly have to undergo 100 hours of training before beginning work. The official date for the legal sale of marijuana is October 17. 

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