It looks like humans aren't the only ones who like to stock up on essentials. Some furry critters are keeping their nut supply full thanks to this adorable tiny market. While they may not be shopping for toilet paper, these animals are making sure they've got enough munchies for the foreseeable future. Ontario's squirrel market is so charming it will crack you up.

People have been taking up all sorts of new hobbies during their extra spare time, but this Ontario man has found a truly unique way to spend his extra hours. 

Daryl Granger, from Simcoe, has created a mini-market for squirrels in his yard, and it's a huge hit in the rodent community.

While we've been lining up to get our hands on toilet paper and flour, these squirrels have been hitting the store to get their paws on their favourite nuts.

Granger told Narcity that he was spending a lot more time in his yard during the lockdown, and noticed an abundance of squirrels frolicking around.

He thought that a food market would be the perfect way to interact with the little critters.

He constructed a 2-foot high store complete with shopping carts, shelves, and labels for the squirrels to enjoy.

The shop, named 'Nutzy's Country Market', features an assortment of nuts, including almonds, peanuts, and walnuts.

After finishing the set on the weekend, Granger spent nearly four hours outside watching the creatures explore their new grocery store.

He was surprised when a blue jay joined in the shopping fun and said that some cardinals have also come by to investigate the new piece of real estate.

"Covid-19 panic grocery shopping...yes, even the squirrels and birds!" He wrote in a Facebook post.

Before he set up the market, Granger spent two weeks placing nuts on a platform to familiarize the squirrels with the area.

He suspects that the squirrels have informed their buddies of the store opening because there seem to be a lot more of them around his yard than usual.

He also hinted that more themed squirrel sets that could be arriving in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled! 

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