Grab some peanuts, because Ontario's favourite squirrels are back, and this time, they've taken up a new hobby. These furry critters rose to fame last week when they were photographed shopping in their little rodent market. Now, the squirrels are hard at work ensuring that their favourite snack is always in stock. Ontario's squirrel peanut butter factory is in full swing, and the furry employees couldn't be happier.

There certainly won't be any peanut butter shortages with these squirrels on the job.

Daryl Granger, from Simcoe, Ontario, has been spending his spare time building adorable themed squirrel feeders.

Last week, Narcity spoke with Granger about his market set, which allowed the little critters to shop for their essential nuts.

The two-foot-high store, named "Nutzy's Country Market" featured a variety of shelves, nuts, and even grocery carts.

The set was such a success in both the human and the animal world that Granger built a brand new place for the critters to explore.

Nutzy's Peanut Butter Factory is the latest building in squirrel land, and the furry creatures are already going nuts for it.

The installation features a conveyor belt full of peanuts,  burlap bags, and of course, jars of nut butter.

By the looks of things, there is more eating being done at the factory than actual work.

Granger photographed the squirrels as they started their shift at the adorable factory.

He shared the pictures on Facebook, adding, "Hoping this makes you smile and chuckle. We need it."

He also hinted that more sets would be coming up in the future.

Last week's country market set caught the attention of squirrels all over the area, and even some birds came to visit the store.

It looks like the factory is already a big hit, and these nibbling squirrels are the cutest workers you'll ever see.

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