Every year, baby name trends seem to change, whether it has to do with famous celebrities or sports stars, some seem to gain popularity faster than others. The top baby names of 2018 in Ontario were just revealed and some have been dominating the list for over a decade. 

For girls, Olivia came in number one. According to the Ontario news release, the province has registered more than 8,300 baby girls named Olivia from 2010 to 2018.

For boys, Liam was the most popular. According to a Toronto Star article from 2014, these two names were just as popular four years prior, showing that Ontarians like to keep to tradition when it comes to their babies.  

Of course, Olivia and Liam weren't the only popular titles that took over 2018. Emma, Charlotte, Amelia, and Ava also ranked in the top five when it came to girls. 

When it comes to boys, Ontario reveals that Ethan, Lucas, Noah, and Benjamin all made the top five list, following just below Liam. 

In 2013, parents were the most inspired by the same names for boys. 

These stats showcase how little choices have changed in the span of five years. Overall, the top 10 list almost reflects that of 2013 but in a different order. 

When it comes to the name of the decade, Olivia ranks the highest as it has been at the top of the baby list for nine years, according to the news release

However, when it comes to nationwide, Olivia was the second most popular, with Sophia taking the lead.  

The top Canadian choices seemed to echo some of the most popular in Ontario, as Charlotte and Emma were also among the top 10 in Canada. 

For boys, Jackson was the most popular nationwide, followed by Noah, Liam, Lucas, and Benjamin. 

Ontario keeps all the baby name data online on their official website, so you can browse the most popular titles for yourself.

The data is so extensive it goes all the way back to 1917.

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