Ontario's heatwave is finally going to start cooling off today. Leftovers from tropical storm Bertha, which hit South Carolina on Wednesday, are expected to soak southern parts of the province on May 28 with up to 40 millimetres of rain. Southern Ontario's weather forecast should have you reaching for your umbrella.  

The downpour is predicted to be so intense in some areas that Environment Canada issued a special weather alert on Thursday morning.

According to the alert, parts of Ontario could face 20 to 40 millimetres of rain to fall by Thursday evening as the tropical storm moves across Lake Erie and into parts of Lake Ontario. 

"This rain is associated with the remnants of tropical depression Bertha and is weakening as it moves northward. There is still uncertainty about which area will receive the highest amount of rain however rainfall warnings may be issued this morning," reads a statement from Environment Canada.

According to The Weather Network, the most torrential rain is expected along the shores of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario as well as eastern regions of the St. Lawrence River.

Parts of Eastern Ontario will be super soaked as early as Thursday afternoon.

However, it's not just rain that could be hitting the province. 

TWN warns that strong wind gusts and small hail could also hit parts of Ontario as the storm moves through. 

If you're one of those summer-minded people who love the heat, you'll be happy to know that it is going to stick around for much of Thursday.

So, you can enjoy that mid-July humidity for at least one more day.

However, weekend temperatures will see a steep drop off, so you might want to wear a jacket if you're planning on strolling around.

In Toronto, Sunday is supposed to only reach a high of 14 C, while the rest of the week will hover around 20 degrees. 

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