Whether you spend this week sweating or shivering will depend on exactly where you live. Ontario’s weather is about to get pretty inconsistent, and there could be a 20 C difference between the north and south. With rain, thunderstorms, wind and sun all in the forecast, things are going to get confusing.

If you live in Ontario, you’ll need to be prepared with sunscreen, an umbrella, a winter coat and your gloves this week.

According to The Weather Network’s forecast for the upcoming days, conditions are going to get pretty intense, thanks to a boundary in northern Ontario that could lead to an airmass clash.

Continuing Monday and through the rest of the week, it’s going to cause a huge temperature difference between the northern and southern regions of the province. 

If you’re in the south, you’re in luck. Daytime temperatures in this area are expected to reach almost 30 C on Wednesday, with regular peeks of sunshine towards the end of the week.

On the northern side, things aren’t so pleasant.

Some places will be “stuck in the single digits” for several days, and will experience regular showers, thunderstorms and strong winds. Yikes!

After a stormy night in the GTA, residents will be waking up to a pretty grey and windy Labour Day.

However, by late afternoon this drizzle will have moved on, leaving behind a non-severe storm threat for eastern Ontario into the evening.

By Tuesday, warmer temperatures and showers will return to the region, bringing a chance of thunderstorms to the Great Lakes.

By Wednesday, it’s going to get pretty sweaty in the area, with temperatures approaching 30 C. It’s likely to feel even warmer with the humidity.

Conversely, parts of northern Ontario will experience conditions in the single digits, dropping to around 20 C lower than the opposite end of the province.

“A large range in temperatures over a short distance is likely,” explains The Weather Network.

That said, this huge difference won’t stick around for long. By the end of the week, temperatures will balance out across the province and cooler conditions will prevail.

Stay warm, Ontario!

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