So far this year, the OPP have laid approximately 1300 charges for dangerous driving and other driving-related offences. Numbers released by the police today show that a shocking majority of the drivers charged are millennials. 

The numbers were released today by Sargent Kerry Schmidt, a communications officer with the Ontario Provincial Police. They break down the types of driving offences and the demographics of who has been charged by age and gender. Based on these demographics, millennials are the most dangerous drivers in all of Ontario. 

The numbers show four different categories of driving offences: Dangerous Driving/Evading Police, Impaired Driving, Fail To Remain and Others, and Street Racing. 

The demographics are broken down by people under 16, people aged 16-17, aged 18-25, age 26-35, age 36-50, and people over 50. Each of those categories is then split into male and female. 

Typically, millennials are defined as being born between 1981 and 1996. This would make them anywhere from 23 to 38. For the purpose of this data, the demographic categories from the OPP that best represent millennials those aged 18-25 and aged 26-35. 

Unfortunately for millennials, those age groups are responsible for the majority of these driving offences in Ontario, and the numbers are shocking. 

Combining the numbers for males and females aged 18-25 and aged 26-35, here's how many millennials were charged with each offence so far this year: 

  • Dangerous Driving/Evade Police: 56 out of 88 total charges, which means 63.6% of those charged were millennials 

  • Impaired: 180/348 charges, meaning 51.7% are millennials 

  • Fail To Remain & Others: 29/72 charges, meaning 40% are millennials 

  • HTA Racing: 601/786 charges, meaning 76% are millennials

The grand total of all these charges was 1294 and of those, 886 were committed by millennials. That means that 66.9% of driving-related offences were committed by millennials so far this year. That's, unfortunately, an overwhelming majority. 

In his tweet, Sgt. Kerry Schmidt doesn't mention millennials but generally says "this is highly risky driving. The roads are shared and driving is a privilege. The OPP will continue enforcement to keep your roads safe, if you see dangerous driving call *OPP to report it."

Disclaimer: Cover photo used for illustrative purposes only. 

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