Measles is making a comeback and Public Health officials are doing everything they can to prevent further cases from breaking out. There have been 28 confirmed measles cases in Canada this year and the virus is classified by the World Health Association as one of the top health threats in the world. After news broke last week of a new confirmed case in Ontario, Ottawa Public Health is now examining 300 people for possible measles exposure.

Public health officials are in contact with hundreds of people who may have been exposed to measles in Ottawa over the last two weeks, the Ottawa Sun reports. Health officials have reached out to those at risk to assist anyone in the area who may have been exposed to the highly contagious virus recently.

Officials will be examining individual vaccination records to asses whether or not there is a serious risk of infection. Infants, senior citizens, as well as who may not have been vaccinated, will be at the highest risk.

Last week, Ottawa Public Health officially confirmed two cases of measles, marking the first in the capital since 2016. The cases were unrelated, but both of them featured undeniable similarities.

According to the Ottawa Sun, both individuals who contracted the disease were adults who fell ill with the highly-contagious disease after coming back from a trip overseas. One of the carriers, a woman in her 30s, explained that she was able to contract measles despite being fully vaccinated because her immune system had been compromised by cancer. The woman was travelling to London with a cancer support group.

The infected patients reportedly went about their days in Ottawa - taking public transit, eating at restaurants, visiting hospitals and even going to grocery stores before receiving their diagnoses. Now, Ottawa Public Health is doing everything possible to keep the virus from spreading further.

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