If any of you reading this haven't seen IT yet, I highly recommend it. Not that clowns have anything to do with this new haunted house in Ottawa, but they're both creepy AF, so I thought I would mention it. 

When you think of Halloween in Ottawa, what do you think of? Probably Saunders Farm, right? That's because Saunders Farm is the go to place if you love being scared, or if you love torturing yourself. I swear, you can't celebrate Halloween or fall without taking advantage of Saunders Farm Haunting Season. 

via @saundersfarmfun

Not only do they have an amazing Canada 150 corn maze now, but they're adding the creepiest element to their Haunting Season. 'The Coven' will be a new two-story haunted house which will be the home to many creepy witches. It's an indoor and outdoor themed haunt, and during the day it's a Witches Village, and at night is when things get f*cked up and scary. 

Set in the forest area of the farm, the creepy witches house is surrounded by a grave yard and it also features a swamp that you have to walk through. The inside of the house is a maze, and you'll be running into multiple witches in there whether you like it or not. Filled with fog, this experience will be nothing short of spooky and creepy AF. 

via @saundersfarmfun

Look, if even the owner, Mark Saunders, thinks this new element to his farm is creepy, you know it is. If Saunders Farm wasn't already scary with dead people chasing you with chainsaws, it sure as hell is now. 

If you've never been to Saunders Farm before, you're truly missing out. Fright Fest happens at night on Fridays and Saturdays, and it's exactly what it sounds like. There is so much to do at Saunders Farm such as Haunted Hayrides, Carnival Fear Tent (hello, IT), Barn of Terror, etc. With The Coven newly added to this lineup, there is no way you can miss out this year. 

Saunders Farm is located at 7893 Bleeks Road and The Coven along with the other Fright Fest Nights only happen on Fridays and Saturdays. Oh, and there's a Friday the 13th this year in October so. Enjoy! For more information, check out their website here

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