It's not all the time that people are excited to come to Ottawa. Even though some people deny it, Ottawa has been named the best city to live in Canada. And during the holiday season, we definitely can't deny that. 

From tons of holiday marketsto this insane Christmas store, to a tunnel of lights you can drive down, there is no excuse to not be in Ottawa for the holidays. Especially with this next event I'm about spill on. 

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Christmas Lights Across Canada has been an event in Ottawa for over three decades, but it's not talked that much about. Thousands of lights illuminate Parliament Hill, especially the Parliament Buildings. They light up the Parliament Buildings with a ton of different winter sequences, which automatically puts you in the holiday spirit. 

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If you find Ottawa boring, you won't when you see this stunning light show grace the Parliament Buildings. It runs on a 13-minute loop from 5:30 pm to 11:30 pm, starts tonight, December 7th and ends on January 7th 2018. 

Christmas Lights Across Canada was originally launched because they wanted to brighten up the darkest days. How cute. Now it's turned into a light show that is inspired by Canada's climate, culture and nature. It's now a tradition in Ottawa and we look forward to it every year. If you haven't seen it before, take note! This is one thing you need to do in Ottawa this holiday season. 

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