This story was originally published on August 15. 

A young woman from Ottawa, Ontario just shared a terrifying story on Twitter and now it's all that we can think about. 

A few days ago, @LivCurryy wrote a long story about a very odd and potentially horrifying encounter she had when she was walking alone in Ottawa on Monday night. After doing some research, it looks like young women across Canada and the United States have had similar experiences on university campuses.

Liv's tweet reads, "If you live in the Ottawa area, especially downtown, try not to walk alone. The following might not be legit but it's better safe than sorry. When I was approached I felt like something was of and when i googled it I was glad that I kept walking. This happenned to me tonight." 

She then goes on to explain that she was on her way to the gym last night when she was stopped by a woman and a man on King Edward. They asked her if she wanted to meet up and talk about "God the Mother" off of campus.

When she declined their offer, they asked her for her contact information. She quickly walked away and after doing some googling, she realized that "God the Mother" had been associated with human trafficking. 

She also included a screenshot from an article written by Vanderbilt Hustler, that claims that there have been multiple reports of young women being approached on the Vanderbilt campus in a similar manner to Liv. This report dates back to January 2018. 

In addition, there have been more reports of similar encounters at universities in Alberta. Whether or not the story is truly connected to a human trafficking ring, we're definitely not stopping for anyone that asks about "God the Mother". 

@Bwally1 posted this thread on Reddit after she was approached by someone on campus in Calgary, Alberta. In the thread, the Redditor explains that they knew other people that were also approached by an aggressive female asking for personal information, similar to Liv. 

In the comments, another Redditor @Haylermoon said that she was approached in the evening when she was walking alone. In her situation, she was approached by two young women that tried to get her to sit with them and watch a video on their phone about "God the Mother". The Redditor also mentioned that they didn't seem "sinister" about their intentions and claimed they were doing an assignment for a religious college.

Others have claimed that this is all a hoax. Some claim that "God the Mother" is a religious cult. Another person on Twitter referenced an article written by The Equinox, a school publication for Keene State College in New Hampshire. The article claims God the Mother is actually a "legitimate church" called the World Mission Society Church of God that originated in South Korea.

In the article, she also states that another University publication verifies that the group received numerous false accusations of recruiting students on campus into human trafficking. 

All in all, whether "God the Mother" is a real religious institution or not, I don't think I'll be stopping anytime soon if someone tries to stop me when I'm home alone at night. 

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