Ottawa just got even cooler. 

Maybe we're the forgotten capital, but not to The Amazing Race Canada. Right in front of the famous BeaverTails shack is also a famous Amazing Race Double U-Turn sign that everyone recognizes. 

This is just in time for Canada 150, even though the TV show has been here before during season 2, Leg 12 of the race. Last time they checked out the Parliament Buildings, which includes the Centennial Flame, Canada's Cold War Museum: Diefenbunker Museum, The Museum of Nature, National Gallery of Canada, and Rideau Hall. 

The U-Turn is there for teams to use on another team, which forces the other team to do the detour they didn't originally choose, costing them a lot of unnecessary time. But a Double U-Turn, which is what's here in Ottawa, means there are two slots. Two teams can go against one, or the U-turned team can U-Turn another team. That's a lot of U-Turns. Maybe before they complete their other task, they'll stop for a BeaverTail? I'd do it, tbh. 

While we're not sure exactly what they will be doing in Ottawa this leg of the race, Season 5 premieres July 4th, 2017 and we'll all be watching to see if we can spot ourselves. Hi mom!

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