We might have to start calling Barrhaven "Bearhaven" if this is anything to go by. A black bear was filmed strolling through an Ottawa park and ride on Thursday morning and it's a pretty spectacular sight. Residents were startled after the Ottawa bear sighting video was posted on Facebook on Thursday.

We've all seen the reports of animals emerging more boldly in recent weeks with much of the local population largely staying inside.

And it's still happening, at least judging from one video that's emerged today.

Ottawa-area resident Tia Tso shot the remarkable brief footage on Thursday, May 7.

She told Narcity by email that she's made a habit of taking some quiet time at the Fallowfield Park and Ride during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Normally, she likes to take her work calls in peace or listen to the radio to get away from the bustle of having seven people in her home.

But she certainly didn't expect to see what she saw on Thursday. In fact, she was beary taken aback.

"Something caught my eye and I looked up and saw the bear!" Tso said.

"I took a double-take as I thought it was a (very) big dog. However, when I realized what I was seeing, I started the (short) video."

Tso adds she quickly called the police to alert them to the situation as the bear was heading towards the main road in the area.

Tso notes it's "far from common" to see bears and animals of this size in this area of the city.

Perhaps this particular bear misread a nearby "Barrhaven" sign and thought he was finally home at last?

It's unclear if he had been waiting for a ride before the footage kicks in, but maybe he got bored and decided to walk instead?

Tso uploaded the video to a private Facebook group but screenshots had soon emerged on other social media sites, with many residents commenting on how surprising it is to see a bear.

This is the latest unexpected animal sighting in Ontario with fewer people on the streets.

From a moose on the loose in Orillia to a variety of species turning up in Toronto, humans have been losing out on real estate in recent weeks.

At least Toronto's foxes are being protected.

Anyway, if you're in the Ottawa area, remember that if you have to go outside, you should keep it to the bear essentials.

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