Ontario's masked bandits have struck again, and this time they're exploring transit. An Ottawa raccoon was spotted trying to swipe into an OC Transpo station on Thursday, August 13.

Or was it attempting to dodge its fare? We wonder if had enough on his card.

An Twitter user posted the video to social media on Thursday afternoon.

The raccoon can be seen balancing on top of the turnpike in the middle of the night. The videographer noted he didn't look very happy. Rough night, bud?

Ontario has a longstanding relationship with its furry friends.

Just this summer, a raccoon was spotted hanging out inside a TD ATM vestibule. Meanwhile, earlier this week, one captured the attentions and the hearts of Torontians by getting itself stuck on top of a construction crane, before dodging a trap set for it and stealing the bait food.

We anxiously await the province's next trash panda run-in.

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