The situation at the Ottawa-Gatineau border is reportedly becoming increasingly hostile. According to local police, an Ottawa man threatened to shoot police officers at the border if the checkpoints continued. He is now facing a charge of uttering a death threat.

Just as some restrictions are beginning to ease at the Ottawa-Gatineau border, one man has made some pretty terrifying threats.

A police report explains that Gatineau officers received several messages on May 12, from an individual that was issuing some seriously scary warnings.

The release accuses a 70-year-old man of threatening to “shoot police officers and their vehicle, if the COVID-19-related road checks continued between Ottawa and Gatineau.”

The Service de police de la Ville de Gatineau (SPVG), worked alongside the Ottawa Police Service to find the man, and he was subsequently arrested on May 13.

According to the police report, the suspect was then transported to Gatineau to meet with investigators. 

He has been detained and will appear in court on May 14, where he will face a charge of uttering a death threat.

Concluding their statement on May 14, Quebec police noted, “The SPVG wishes to make it clear that threats are not tolerated against anyone, including against its officers.”

They went on to appeal for cooperation and patience from the public, to “help maintain a good social climate during the pandemic.”

The threats came just days after the Quebec government eased travel restrictions in some parts of the province. However, the city of Gatineau remains blocked to all non-essential travel.

The border closure is being taken super-seriously by some Ottawans, with some even creating a petition to allow them to visit their cottages.

Despite some pressure from Ottawa, Gatineau Mayor Maxime Pedneaud-Jobin has made it clear that he’s not prepared to take any chances at the border.

Speaking earlier this month, the mayor explained, “Ottawa is a hot zone, we’re a cold zone and we have to protect ourselves."

"So as long as it’s needed, I’m going to defend that decision by the Quebec Government," he added.

The Quebec government is yet to confirm when exactly the local border restrictions will be eased.

“It has to be based on health principles, and it’s clear that the situation is very different on both sides of the river,” Pedneaud-Jobin concluded.

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