Social distancing rules apparently don’t apply to baby moose. On Tuesday, bylaw officers asked local residents to be careful when driving or walking in Ramsayville, as baby moose are loose in Ottawa. If you do come across any wildlife, officers are asking that you stay away and give them space — the calves are just trying to remain anonymoose!

As Ottawans continue to practice physical distancing wherever possible, the city’s wildlife is continuing on as usual without us.

Over in Ramsayville, things are no different, and a couple of young moose are out-and-about, feeding and exploring.

While Ottawa bylaw officers report that the young animals are currently safe and well, they’re asking locals to stay away from the area and urging motorists to slow down.

In a tweet on Tuesday, the agency shared several photos of the Canadian mammals, and let locals know that they were aware of the moosey-situation.

“We and our partners are monitoring two young, healthy moose in the Ramsayville area. They are in a safe location and are feeding,” Ottawa bylaw explained. “Please give the animals some space and stay away so as not to stress them,” they added.

Officers went on to explain that their photos were taken by experts, who had been near enough to the young mammals to evaluate their size and health.

One concerned Twitter user responded to bylaw officers, pleading with them not to shoot the grazing moose.

Bylaw services responded to reassure the person that this was not their current intention at all. “That is never a result we want. If necessary, they will be relocated,” officers explained.

“However, if we all do our part to give them space, they will move along on their own,” they added.

Since the city has started practicing social distancing, there have been a number of moosey sightings reported on social media.

Last week, one YouTuber shared a video of a pair of moose hanging out on an Ottawa roadside, while another local shared several photos of some moose hanging out in a city parking lot.

Across Canada, wildlife has been spotted showing up in some pretty unusual spots. Without humans to deter them, Ontario's wild animals are reportedly thriving.

If you do spot some unusual wildlife in your area any time soon, remember to stay away if possible! 

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