We can’t let our guard down ahead of the fall season. That’s the message coming from our top doctor as Canada’s COVID-19 cases continue to climb. Over the last week, the number of people confirmed to have the illness has risen by 25%, a figure Dr. Theresa Tam says is “a concern.”

In a statement shared on September 7, Canada’s Chief Public Health officer revealed details about the country’s latest COVID-19 statistics.

Dr. Theresa Tam explained that while many Canadians took a break over the long weekend, the disease “unfortunately” did not.

As of Labour Day, 131,895 total cases had been confirmed in Canada, including 9,145 deaths.

Over the last seven days, an average of 545 new cases was reported every day. That's an increase of 25% from last week, which saw a daily average of 435. 

The week before that, the standard increase was 390 per day.

“This is a concern,” Dr. Tam admitted, adding that it's also “a reminder that we all need to maintain public health measures to keep COVID-19 on the slow-burn path that we need.”

This is particularly important as we head into the fall season, she explained.

“As we enter the fall, Canadians will need to be even more vigilant about following public health guidance, particularly as the cold weather shifts activities indoors,” she said.

The top doctor explained that holidays and traditional family gatherings are on the horizon, but we cannot let our guard down during this time.

She urged Canadians “ask yourself some quick-check questions about your personal risk factors” before attending any seasonal events.

This surge in cases comes as an increasing number of young people are being diagnosed with the illness.

Dr. Tam confirmed at the weekend that individuals under 40 account for more than half of all recent cases. People in their 20s had the highest incidence rates.

In Ottawa, the majority of the city’s newest cases were young people and children under 9.

Provinces such as Quebec have seen a particular surge in people getting sick recently, reporting more than 200 new cases for two days in a row. 

As of September 8, Canada’s total case count was 132,142.

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