Canadians have heard about all the CRA scams that aim to take innocent people's money, but there's a new scam on the streets and it's the most creepy and bizarre one yet. 

In Ottawa, some people have reported getting random visits from strangers at their door asking for money, help, or giving some weird excuse to get into their homes. 

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On a Reddit thread, one person shared their super creepy story of being woken up by a stranger ringing their doorbell at 6:30 am. According to the Redditor, the man at his doorstep seemed to be really panicked and said that his niece who was staying with him needed an inhaler urgently. 

Apparently, the stranger heard that his family had kids and hoped they would have an inhaler but when they didn't, he just asked for money instead. Fortunately, the family avoided the scam and didn't give the man anything. 

Throughout the Reddit thread, the Redditor goes on to say that having just woken up she didn't realize it was a scam and it wasn't until later in the day when they went over the story that they found a lot of problems with it. 

This isn't the only weird door to door situation. The Ottawa Citizen also reported that another resident had a stranger at their door saying they were a previous resident and urgently needed to check a serial number on the staircase. 

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Police have not said that there is an increased number of reported frauds, but they are warning residents to be extra cautious and call 911 if they suspect a scam or dangerous visitor at their door.

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