Today, students of Carleton University didn't have a great start to their week when they received an alert about an "active attacker" that was on the Carleton University campus. The alert was broadcasted to all Carleton student's devices around 1:40 PM on Monday afternoon and had students throughout the campus worried. Yet, the alert was actually sent by accident when the Carleton University was updating their emergency templates. 

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In a statement, the university apologized for the mistake that they had made, "The university profusely apologies for the error and the resulting upset that was caused. We can reassure you that everything is safe and under control,". 

Now, of course, accidents happen but in a statement that the University released after assuring students that everything was fine the school said the message was actually sent by somebody who hit "the wrong computer key" while trying to update the emergency template.  

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Yet, the situation got even worse. Not only was the message sent because somebody hit the wrong button but due to a bug in the system, Carleton staff and students would be receiving this faulty alert for the next few hours. 

The school has stated that they are looking into adding more steps to the process of sending out alerts to ensure that something similar to this issue does not happen again. 

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After the faulty alert was pushed out to the entire Carleton student body, a new message was sent out to tell students that the previous "active attacker" alert was sent in error. However, this message to clear up the mistake was sent 20 minutes after the original, and some students are claiming that they never even received it. 

Many students were plagued with panic and confusion as Carleton University attempted to explain the situation.

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During and after the situation students took to Twitter to express their concerns about the alert. A lot of students were poking fun at how badly Carleton University messed up, while others were concerned about how easy it was for a message to be sent out by mistake. 

Students also noted how poorly the alert message was written, "Carleton Saftey advised of an active attacker(s) on campus. Please remain calm; take safe action (shelter or evacuate)". Students noted how the message was very vague on what to do during the situation and if the situation was real students would not have had any idea on what to actually do. 

Multiple students also complained that although they received the active attacker alert, they never actually received the false alarm alert. While other students complained that they didn't even receive the initial message in the first place. 

All in all, students and staff of Carleton University had a scare this morning that they really didn't need. 

Source: CBC News

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