There are two things for her to celebrate. Dr. Theresa Tam confirmed that Canada has flattened the curve for COVID-19. This comes on the same day that she marked her third anniversary as the country's top doctor.

During a press conference on June 26, Dr. Tam spoke about the state of the pandemic in Canada along with an update on her vision and focus for the future.

"I am heartened by the dedication, compassion, and collaboration that Canadians have shown in addressing this unprecedented challenge," she said.

The Chief Public Health Officer noted that Canada continues to see case counts decline across all age groups.

"This progress is encouraging, and it is essential that we maintain our resolve in adhering to the public health measures that have helped us flatten the curve," she said.

This confirmation comes on the same day that she's celebrating her third anniversary of being Canada's top doctor.

While this is exciting to hear, Dr. Tam made sure it was known that there is still work to be done.

"It is equally important to reflect on the vulnerabilities COVID-19 has exposed in our social and health systems," she said.

That includes the disproportionate effect the virus has had on groups like those with existing social and health disparities throughout the pandemic.

"As Canada's Chief Public Health Officer, my goal is to help set up the conditions for every Canadian to achieve optimal health," Dr. Tam said.

She called on Canadians to help her with that goal by doing their part to protect the health of those around them.

The country's top doctor also reflected on the people who have faced discrimination, racism and stigma and how that can influence both mental and physical health.

"Efforts to eliminate stigma are particularly important as it intersects with other pressing public health issues in Canada," Dr. Tam said.

In a statement posted after the press conference, she noted that there is still work to be done when it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic.

She said that everyone can protect their communities by keeping up with physical distancing, washing their hands, staying home when sick and wearing face coverings.

Dr. Tam also said that she has two more years in her mandate as the Chief Public Health Officer.

Dr. Howard Njoo, the Deputy Chief Public Health Office of Canada, congratulated Dr. Tam on her anniversary during the press conference.

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