Provinces may be moving into their reopening phases, but Canada is still dealing with COVID-19. Dr. Theresa Tam confirmed that all age groups are still at risk. That includes children and young people.

In a June 8 Twitter thread, Canada's Chief Public Health Officer wrote that all age groups are susceptible to the virus, despite most of the cases being adults. 

She also shared a study conducted by the Public Health Agency that provided some information on COVID-19 cases among children and youth (under 20 years of age).

"Canadian data to date show that children & youth are more likely to experience mild illness or show no symptoms at all from #COVID19," Dr. Tam wrote, "11% of lab-confirmed cases in children & youth were asymptomatic compared to 2-4% of adult cases."

She added that severe cases of the virus were rare in children, with the most common symptoms reported being a runny nose, headaches, and a cough.

"Only 2% needed hospital care and NO deaths have been reported in the <20 age group in Canada," Dr. Tam added.

She noted that while children and youth can look and feel healthy, they could still spread the virus to others who may be more vulnerable.

"It can be difficult for children and youth to understand why they have to stay home or cannot see their loved ones and friends," Dr. Tam concluded, providing a resource to help parents explain the situation to their kids.

COVID-19 has been spreading among groups of younger people, particularly in Ontario. In the Hamilton area, 43 percent of new cases reported were people in their 20s.

The province is still moving ahead with reopening plans. However, businesses in the GTA could be waiting a while longer to catch up with other cities.

In late May, photos and videos of a crowded Trinity Bellwoods Park prompted outrage from people who felt that the seemingly young park-goers were ignoring public health advice.

However, Toronto Public Health has said there is no evidence of increase COVID-19 cases from that incident. 

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