In case you missed it, Emma Watson was in Ottawa last week. You know, badass UN Women ambassador? Hermione Granger? Yeah, that Emma Watson. And apparently, she made a new best friend.

October 11th was International Day Of The Girl, and to commemorate her new friendship and welcome her BFF to Facebook, Emma shared what she called "highlight of my year". Girl power? Yes please.


As if having the coolest PM wasn't enough, did you know his wife drives a Vespa? Sophie picked Emma up to personally take her on a tour of our very own Ottawa. But this isn't all - it gets cuter.


It ain't official till it's Instagram official. Sophie even re-posted "beautiful friend" Emma's picture.

With media constantly pushing girls to see each other as competition, it's important to appreciate how beautiful Emma and Sophie complimenting each others' hard work and talent really is. And if you forget the fact that they're both celebrities, this is just another example of two girls empowering each other. Not to mention, they both look flawless. #Goals

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