While for the most part, Canadians missed out on a White Christmas involving snow that actually survived once it hit the ground, it seems the weather is looking to make up for lost time this December. Unfortunately, it won't be coming in the form of packing snow to build a snowman. Instead, Ontarians should brace for the nasty side of winter, according to Environment Canada. 

The new alert marks yet another freezing rain warning that Ontario has received in recent weeks. Leaving many wondering if freezing rain is going to be the new snowfall for this season, considering the uncharacteristically balmy temperatures that grow frigid in the night resulting in the freezing rain in the first place. 

According to experts, the freezing rain is expected to begin overnight starting as a mix of snow and ice pellets before transforming into freezing rain after 12:00 AM. Though it's expected by Environment Canada that the rain will turn into regular rain droplets by morning, the freezing rain could linger in areas such as the Ottawa Valley. 

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Thankfully for some Ontarians, they'll be exempt from the intense weather. Considering that as of now Environment Canada has issued the warning only for Western Quebec and Eastern Ontario. 

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As usual, Environment Canada is warning Ontarians to exercise caution when it comes to travel, considering freezing rain means slippery roads and possible obstructions as a result of fallen trees. Experts are also reminding Canadians that trees, in general, become a major hazard due to the ice buildup that can occur on their branches. 

Source: CBC News 


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