Just last week, people of Ottawa were shook by the news that a massive snake was on the loose (he was recently found in his basement) but it turns out reptiles aren't the only animals running wild in the city. 

Ottawa seems to have a bit of an escaped goat problem right now. Just today Ottawa By-Law picked up a goat that was found out and about in the city, making it the city's third escaped goat this year and second this month. 

In a tweet today, the city's bylaw shared a photo of the most recent goat they picked up last night in Ottawa's Kilburn area after he allegedly chewed through his rope and made a get-away from his home. 

In a somewhat similar incident earlier this month, a goat was found wandering in one of the more rural parts of Ottawa and was taken to an animal sanctuary by-law officers before he could be reunited with his owners. 

But of course, two goat incidents wasn't enough for the capital city. That's why even earlier this year a little baby goat was found by an Ottawa resident back in April. Unlike the other stories, this goat wasn't found anywhere near a farm and therefore bylaw was unable to figure out where it came from. 

Fortunately, by-law officers were able to make quick work of finding a new home for the baby goat, who is now happily living on a farm. 

While it isn't clear how all these goats keep getting loose, it isn't overly surprising since Ottawa does have a lot of rural, farm areas around the city. That being said, it is still illegal to own goats in parts of Ottawa that aren't zoned for agriculture. 

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