Some neighbours are best friends but that's not always the case. A Happy Fourth of July message from Justin Trudeau has gone unanswered from the U.S. president. But that's not all. 

As America celebrates Independence Day the Canadian Prime Minister took to twitter with a simple message. 

"Wishing all our American friends and neighbours a happy Independence Day!" he wrote. 

He even shared the same tweet in French for any of the multi-lingual Americans out there.

While the tweet isn't going to win the PM any poetry awards, it turns out the tweet couldn't even win the attention of President Trump. 

Despite being active on the social network, the neighbouring politician has yet to acknowledge the message from his Canadian colleague. 

Normally, that might not be that big a deal but the plot thickens. 

Not only is he ignoring Canada's message, Trump actually responded to a similar message from another country, India. 

The message from the Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of the Asian nation read: "I congratulate @POTUS @realDonaldTrump and the people of the USA on the 244th Independence Day of the USA. As the world's largest democracies, we cherish freedom and human enterprise that this day celebrates. @WhiteHouse"

The tweet was actually retweeted twice by the president, once just on its own and another as a quote tweet with Trump saying "Thank you my friend. America loves India!"

Maybe the key to grabbing his attention is tagging all three twitter accounts that he is active on. 

As if this situation between Canada and their American allies didn't already seem like an awkward scene in a teen drama show, this comes just days after our very own national holiday. 

July 1 also went uncelebrated from the White House with the U.S. President only mentioning his northern neighbour in a passing remark about the USMCA trade agreement going into effect. 

While their leader has yet to respond, a number of people who say they are American replied to Trudeau's tweet expressing their love for the Canadian PM and even asking if he could move down and be their leader instead. 


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