It's only been a few days since the tragic Iran plane crash that took the lives of 57 Canadians this month. Vigils across Ontario have been held in honour of the victims and one young man decided to speak on the loss of his father. The heartbreaking moment was shared on Twitter and without a single tear shed, 13-year-old Ryan Pourjam showed strength and love for his father.

According to CBC, more than 200 people attended the vigil on Jan. 15 at Carleton University to remember Mansour Pourjam, an Ottawa dental technician, and Fareed Arasteh, a Ph.D. student at the school.

Those two victims were among the dead in the fatal Ukrainian flight crash outside Tehran which killed 176 people in total.

"I stand up here a week after this horrible tragedy and I still can't believe it," said Pourjam as he spoke amongst the crowd, as shown by CBC. "I feel like I'm dreaming."

"I can't remember a single moment in my life where Mansour, my dad, had any trace of negativity in his voice or actions. He was amazing. We loved each other."

“If he was still alive he would tell me to be strong," Pourjam added.

The full video of Pourjam's speech, and his conversation on camera afterwards, are below and they are truly, truly heartbreaking to watch.

The plane had 138 passengers destined for Toronto after a connecting flight in Ukraine, said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau last week. When the second aircraft arrived at Pearson Airport, it was strewn with empty seats.


It has since been verified that two missiles shot down the Ukranian flight, reportedly coming from an Iranian Military site.

The tragedy has left Canada devastated.

This week, Trudeau implicitly blamed the escalation of tensions between the U.S and Iran for the tragic incident.

Meanwhile, Arasteh, the other victim being mourned at Carleton, was one of many students coming back to school in Canada after the winter break.

According to CBC, he was taking Ph.D. research at the university's biology department, studying molecular genetics. He had returned to Iran for the holidays in order to marry his long-time girlfriend.

Those who knew him, like his roommate Reza Sananfar, called Arasteh a "dreamer" who worked hard in order to reach his goals and helped others along the way.

In honour of the Iranian victims, the government of Ontario is issuing 57 scholarships, one for each Canadian killed in the flight.

At this hard time, Ryan reminds us to stay strong at a time of tragedy.

"If he was still alive, he would tell me to be strong. You know, cry, get those feelings out, but be strong," said Pourjam of his late father.

"Stand in your place, don't let life or problems or every single little thing get you down. Or big things."

A truly inspirational speech from a young Canadian in a time of such tragedy.

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