With the rainy and crappy weather hitting Ottawa this weekend, stop by the unbelievable new Rideau Centre and shop till you drop.

It was already big a point of interest for tourists as well as residents in Ottawa but since the expansion opened up yesterday, August 11th 2016, the hype about the Rideau Centre has never been higher. This $360 million renovation is the first since the Rideau Centre opened up more than 30 years ago and the timing couldn't be better. Peoples interests are always growing and expanding, and the trends need to keep up with that as well. Here in Ottawa, we've been used to the same stores and would much rather go on road trips to shop then to stay in our own city. We've always been jealous of Toronto for malls like the Eaton Centre, and make yearly trips to Syracuse. Now, I'm not sure we'll have to. It truly feels like Ottawa is starting to notice trends, listen to them and finally starting to participate.

It seems like we've been waiting for this expansion to open up for forever. In 2014, they revealed a new foodcourt and in 2015, the first Nordstrom in Ottawa opened. Rideau Centre seems to know exactly what their consumers want, especially those who have lived here since it first opened. This three year construction site is finally a home to 25 new stores, most of which are new to Ottawa in general.

With 230,000 square feet added, 21 new stores, and 4 levels added, there is a new store for every age to check out. A few big brand names that were brought to the Rideau Centre are:

  • Anthropologie
  • Simons
  • Ted Baker
  • H&M
  • Massimo Dutti
  • terra20

...and many more. 

The launch of the new Rideau Centre comes at a perfect time; everyone is shopping for back to school or for fall clothing. Summer is coming to an end, and people are always looking for things to do when it starts getting colder outside. Around the holidays, you can expect this mall to be packed of course, for obvious reasons.

This beautiful mall is what we've been waiting for, and although some might think $360 million dollars into a mall renovation is crazy, I think it builds character. Just like in any city, the excitement wears off after you've lived there for a while. Ottawa was becoming that city you didn't want to shop in, because you'd find the same stores everywhere. Now, thanks to Cadillac Fairview, we can look forward to shopping again while still believing we're not in our hometown.

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